Ian Noble Tribute
  • David Crow
  • I met Ian through publishing initially. We had both done some new work for ava and he brought me a signed copy of his latest book with a very warm message inside. I could tell immediately that we would get on well. Since then we have crossed paths in education quite a lot and it was always a real pleasure to see him again. Ian was such a generous spirit, he would always be prepared to share his knowledge and his professional insight in such a self-effacing way. He would always see the positive side of whatever I was up to and his criticism was always constructive and useful. He was a fantastic ambassador for both Design and for Education and his work will go on to inform generations of new designers. Although I know that educational politics often frustrated him, he always found a way to be positive and get on with making his contribution as good as it could be. Ian could always see the funny side of whatever nonsense was going on and his good humour shone through always. Despite all this he was intensely serious about his subject and could hold his own in any debate about either Design or Higher Education. I’ll really miss you Ian and I can only hope I can keep some of that clear thinking and good humour about me that you always seemed to have in abundance.

    Professor David Crow, Dean of Faculty and Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University