Ian Noble Tribute
  • Liz Leyland
  • Dear Ian,

    To pay proper tribute to your remarkable work at LCP it’s only right to recognise the formidable challenge that faced you when you arrived from Portsmouth. To say that you had to start from the ground up would be an understatement but you plunged into the relentlessly hard work with characteristic energy, enthusiasm and humour. Something else though – and here’s the really special thing – you didn’t let the job overwhelm you or compromise your intentions. You had the capacity and character to hold on to your vision of design education, to your unending passion for design thinking and making and the generosity to grow and support colleagues and celebrate the achievement of students.

    Your presence was immense – not just literally as a Big Man, but as a personality and as a leader. There was no doubt when ‘Ian was in the building’ – everyone was reassured and energised. You used your astute and delightfully wicked sense of humour to lighten even the darkest moment and somehow managed to incorporate this into movements and gestures that could turn despair into laughter.  You could take centre stage quite naturally but at the same time had a kindness and gentleness that was far from self-centred.

    I’m writing this at my work table from LCP that you arranged for me to have as a leaving present. Some might not want to be reminded of such punishingly hard work but you were perceptive enough to know that bonds were formed that couldn’t be broken and to recall them would be something of great value. I’m so very glad to be able to think of you now as I sit here and will do so time and again.

    Ian, dear Big Man – for everything, thank you.


    Liz Leyland, former Dean of Graphic Design, London College of Printing