Ian Noble Tribute
  • Paul Postle
  • You all knew Ian but most of you won't know me, so I guess I should tell you what it was like at Kingston University until recently.

    The best way I can explain our relationship was that of Sherlock Holmes and Watson. I'll quantify that by asking you to picture Ian as the sharp, intelligent Basil Rathbone and me as Nigel Bruce reciting tales of my intellectual companion. I would often go home in the evening and start a conversation with "You know, Ian said something fascinating today". However he treated me like the Jude Law Watson – an aide, an adjutant and equal. He made me feel valued and that is a beautiful quality in a colleague.

    Ian taught me a great deal in a short space of time. He offered to be my mentor. I felt like I had won an award. What was forthcoming was not about academic rules and regulations, facts or form filling but sharing an appreciation for Caring, Commitment and Community (Wenger's Communites of Practice if I am to be precise). I hope these stay with me. Likewise, I hope I don't lose our shared disdain for pomposity and bigotry. I loved that combination of kindness to the naive and contempt for those who rose above their station. These are basically the principles of life-long Clash fans.

    But I guess most of you know all of these qualities. So I might just share with you a couple of my favourite memories of our friend Ian. The one that always makes me smile is how in meetings he would whisper the most outrageous comments in my ear and we'd stifle giggles like schoolchildren. The other is how he would flip through his iPhone and show pictures of his family and friends – one of him youthful with his beautiful wife on their wedding day; as the proud father, showing his two children wearing matching tops in Brighton; one of his brother Adi looking "like a star" as Ian put it in a sharp suit and shades. He was so proud of them.

    I am a better person for knowing Ian and I'll treasure our friendship.

    Paul Postle. Photographer and Lecturer at Kingston University