Ian Noble Tribute
  • Richard Walker
  • Ian Noble was a warm and generous man and a true personality of graphic design. I was very fortunate to have been taught by Ian at art college and university and his guidance remains ever present. So often I am found questioning what insight or quip would he would offer me on this design? What would he have spotted that I didn't? Where have I overworked the idea?

    He had the unique ability to understand the individual and extract every ounce of creative potential, filling you with confidence and offering more thoughts to explore. I can't fail to carry on his boundless enthusiasm for graphic design and feel armed with the extra sense he's given me when approaching my work. I only hope I'm half as able to impart this to others!

    One of my very many fond memories of Ian was bumping into him in Southsea on his way home from the pub as he came riding towards me on one of his children's very small bikes! Ian was certainly larger than life, has given so much to so many and will always be remembered with a smile.

    Richard Walker, Graphic Designer, Southsea, UK, Former student Portsmouth College of Art & Design, University of Portsmouth