Ian Noble Tribute
  • Sadhna Jain

  • "This picture marks the start of raucous times in Graphic Design education. The instigator of these events was of course Ian.

    We started our teaching careers together, co writing studio briefs along with other Portsmouth College of Art and Design staff in 1988/9 (as pictured).

    A few years later Ian lead the way for us to join an academic network so that we could participate in the emergence of new Post Graduate courses in digital media design courses across Europe.

    He charged his way into the thick of the crowd, throwing into the discussion all that he could muster, followed by the most hair raising promises of collaboration and partnerships for the future. Not sure what our new colleagues ever made of this 6ft 4" and 5ft 1" double act .

    Ian's uncontrollable energy, tenacious attitude and incredible charm made it inevitable that who ever crossed his path would want to stay a whole lot longer by his side. He never stopped sharing, giving or encouraging the people around him.

    But above all, Ian's political intent and sense of humanity marked individuals deeply. During the raucous times and difficult scenes played out in Universities, Ian remained watchful and attentive over colleagues and friends around him. He fought aggressively on behalf of many of us in education and never allowed this to erode his passion and curiosity for design.

    Ridiculous banter, clever mimic, sharp dresser.

    'Cheers' he wrote.

    Thank you for everything Ian.

    Sadhna Jain, Course Director MA Graphic Communication Design, Chelsea school of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London