Ian Noble Tribute
  • Simon Clarke
  • Recently, as I was looking at work by Kurt Schwitters in Tate Britain, I recognised the influence of him on Richard Hamilton. Richard taught me as an undergraduate at Newcastle University; his influence upon me was profound and inevitably influenced my own approach to teaching. Ian was a student who responded fully to my inherited concerns with the integrity of the marks we make in two-dimensional space and the politics of statements we put into our visual culture. The Analytical Study Project was an early part of the Basic Design Course at Newcastle and this became Visual Research at Portsmouth which Ian in turn went on to develop and disseminate in London. Positive influences are vital in design education and Ian leaves a legacy that is significant to that continuing history of creative and dynamic design educators.

    Ian and I spent a lot of our formative years together experiencing visual culture both here and in Europe. These times were always very rewarding both socially and academically. We extended our networks and built lasting valued friendships. And we always had a lot of fun.

    Simon Clarke, Portsmouth College of Art & Design, University of Portsmouth, colleague and friend.