Ian Noble Tribute
  • Wayne Daly
  • Ian’s guidance as a teacher and colleague was directly responsible for refocusing my practice as a designer, helping me to establish a critical awareness around my work and always insisting on being able to justify every decision – qualities that I endeavour to maintain ten years on. As a dazed and uncertain student entering an MA at LCP, Ian’s generosity and acute sense of humour saw me through some extremely difficult periods, whether this was in the formal structure of a group crit, or making time for a friendly chat in his poky office where we would discuss music and books. He had a rare ability to always have the right words at the right time. And as much as he could be acerbic and commanding, I will remember him for being equally as gentle and kind. One memory that sticks in my mind was a seminar I attended where Ian shared a stage with some braying advertising type. In stark contrast to the tedious ad man, Ian’s talk was dignified, thoughtful and rigorous. As I reread his writings these past few days, I’m reminded of this rigour, and just how instrumental he was in developing current thinking in design culture. We are significantly poorer to have lost such a force, and I am forever indebted to him for providing me with a solid grounding.

    Wayne Daly, graphic designer, Architectural Association Print Studio