Ian Noble Tribute
  • Zenna Atkins
  • Ian was one of the most cantankerous and wonderful people I ever had the privilege to know. His spontaneous fury was matched in equal measure with bursts of truly filthy humour. 

    Despite Ian's creativity, intelligence, perception and intellectual prowess he was never pompous or condescending, although his razor sharp wit could leave you reeling, often with uncontrollable laughter. I didn't giggle with Ian, I roared. Everything about Ian was powerful. His design, his mind, his humour, his intellect, his counsel and teaching, his love of his family and friends, his 'first to the bar' attitude, his fierce loyalty - they all left an indelible mark. 

    Undoubtedly Ian's work, wisdom and design has inspired generations of designers, students, artists and commuters. I know he inspired me and my children. Ian didn't cross the line, he ran right over it until it was a dot. My children and I take pride in following the big man right over that line! 

    To know Ian was to never forget him. A big man, an incredible man, a true friend. I see so much of Ian in Eugene and Audra, I know he will live on in them and in the hearts of many.
    I miss you, Ian. 

    Dr Zenna Atkins, Education Entrepreneur